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Frederic Leighton, Baron Leighton
Three-quarter-length, soft-focus portrait of Leighton in renaissance costume.

Portrait of the Artist
The artist's head and shoulders in three-quarter view, the right side of his face strongly lit, the left in shadow, set against a dark, blank background. The sitter wears a dark brown coat and a high-necked white shirt.

Joseph Parkin Mayall
Three-quarter-length portrait of Mayall standing, wearing top hat, formal dress, and gloves.

The Marquis of Salisbury, K.G.
Three-quarter view of heavily bearded gentleman seated, both hands clasped on a book in his lap, in front of a wall of books.

Kate Greenaway
The artist is seated in an upholstered chair, at a desk, with pen and paper in hand.

Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris
Old and Young Tom Morris pose with their golf clubs in front of an artificial backdrop.

Allan Robertson
Allan Robertson, the Scottish golfer, poses with his golf clubs and golf balls beside him.

Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, 1st Bt
Portrait of Joseph Edgar Boehm sitting on the arm of a chair, working on a sculpture

Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, 1st Bt
Portrait of Joseph Edgar Boehm in a dark brown suit and a check-patterned scarf around his neck, looking off to the side.

George Henry Boughton
A reproduction of a photo of George Boughton, seated as if at work on a painting of a maiden in winter.

Sir Rowland Hill
Portrait of Sir Rowland Hill in a dark suit, seated with a letter in hand.

Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt.
Millais sits in front of two large paintings and reads a newspaper

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson poses in a dapper suit and clutches his golf club.
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