"Magazines for June," Publisher's Circular, 1884


"Magazines for June," Publisher's Circular, 1884

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June 1884




The Publishers’ Circular 47, no. 1122 (June 16, 1884): 571. Nineteenth Century Serials Edition.


Artists at Home


A favorable review written after the fourth fascicle had been issued, praising the quality of the photographs and naming the publication "a book of national importance."


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November 17, 2016


Artists at Home (Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington) gives us notices of Messrs. G. F. Watts, R.A., W. H. Thornycroft, A.R.A., W. F. Yeames, R.A., and J. MacWhirter, A.R.A. In the illustrations—each a full-page plate, photographed by Mr. J. P. Mayall, and reproduced in facsimile by photo engraving on copper-plates—Mr. Watts is sitting, surrounded by his pictures, in the chamber which he built to contain them; Mr. Thornycroft, in his studio, is at work upon a bust; Mr. Yeames, brush in hand, is busy with a canvas; and Mr. MacWhirter, the Scottish artist, is also adding touches to a picture, the subject of which is somewhat indistinct. In each case the letterpress gives an interesting biographical sketch, and a more than usually full notice of the artist’s principal productions, the fullness of detail on the latter hand adding very materially to the interest with which the members of the artistic fraternity and the genuine amateur will look through the pages. The portraits of the artists are all good and lifelike, and in the page given to Mr. Watts the photographer has had more than his usual success in bringing out the pictures which surround their famous author on the walls. With four parts of the work before us, it is not too much to say that the promise of the prospectus has been more than justified, and that “Artists at Home” will when completed form a book of national importance and of the highest interest.

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Anon., "Magazines for June," Publisher's Circular, 1884

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