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The Sluggard
A standing male nude, languidly stretching.

The Ides of March
Two heavily draped figures, Caesar and Calphurnia, stand with their backs to the viewer in the center of a grand Roman interior with polished marble floors and columns. They look out onto an ominous night sky, filled with heavy clouds and the…

A Visit to Aesculapius
The draped and bearded Aesculapius, seated on a columned portico, gazes thoughtfully at the thorn in the foot of a nude young woman. She can be identified as Venus by the doves fluttering overhead--her attributes--and by the three Graces--her…

Thomas Carlyle
The sitter depicted in a coat, heavily bearded, and with downcast eyes

L'Enfant du Regiment
A small child with an injured hand rests on a tomb.

Pears Soap Advertisement
A young child stares up at a soap bubble in an advertisement for Pears Soap.
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