William Hamo Thornycroft


William Hamo Thornycroft


Thornycroft, William Hamo (1850-1925), English sculptor


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December 9, 2016

Birth Date

March 9, 1850


Oxford, England

Death Date

July 1, 1884



Biographical summary

Born in London on March 9, 1850, Thornycroft came from a large family of sculptors from Cheshire. He enrolled in the Royal Academy as a student in 1869, and debuted there as an artist in 1872 with a bust of "Professor Sharpey” and a portrait in relief of “Mrs. Mordant.” Having traveled to Italy, he gained admiration for the antique from the works of Michelangelo. His sculpture Artemis, completed in 1880, was labeled by F. G. Stephens superior to any of his previous works. In 1883, Thornycroft sculpted what is considered to be his most important work, The Mower.


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William Hamo Thornycroft

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