Studio portrait of Joseph Edgar Boehm

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Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London Publisher
D. Appleton & Co., New York Publisher

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J. E. Boehm, RA, albumen print, approx. 6½ x 8½ in., by Frank Dudman (1855-1918) for Joseph Park Mayall (1839-1922), 1883


F. G. Stephens, Artists at Home, photographed by J. P. Mayall and reproduced in facsimile by photoengraving on copper plates / edited, with biographical notes and descriptions, by Frederick George Stephens (London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington; New York: Appleton & Co., 1884), n.p.


Boehm, Joseph Edgar, 1st Baronet of Wetherby Gardens (1834-1890), English-Hungarian medallist and sculptor

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July 1884

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Photograph copyrighted September 14, 1883, Copyright owner of photograph, Joe Parkin Mayall, 548 Oxford Street, London. Copyright author of photograph, Frank Dudman, 27 Bloemfontein, Shepherds Bush, London (Public Records, The National Archies, Kew, COPY 1/365/258).
Description: "Photograph of Mr J. E. Boehm R A & interior of his studio at The Avenue, 76 Fulham Rd. London. Seated in chair."


The artist seated in his studio with newspaper across his lap, with small-scaled statues and statue busts around him.

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“Art in September.” The Magazine of Art 7 (September 1884): xlviii. "Mr. Mayall’s photographs—or rather, the photo-engravings on copper plates reproduced therefrom—are singularly lifeless and dull. Everybody looks as though he were sitting for his portrait; the very furniture is posing; and over all is that terrible and tremendous presence, the photographer’s light, “the light that never was on sea or land.” Mr. Calderon affronts the camera with much sternness; Sir John Gilbert has the sun in his eyes, and comes out very white and vague; Mr. Boehm, sitting desultorily among busts and statues, seems to have been caught in the act of reading the paper . . . . "
“The Late Sir Edgar Boehm.” Times [London, England] (March 3, 1891): 13. "Mr. J. P. Mayall, jun., of Kilburn, has produced an enlarged copy of the fine portrait of the late Sir Edgar Boehm, which was taken by photogravure and published in 1884 among the series of “Artists at Home” (Sampson Low and Marston). The present copy, which is taken from the negative by the silver process, is an excellent portrait of the sculptor sitting in his studio. The focus of the picture is occupied by the well-known bust of Mr. Huxley, which was exhibited some years ago. The companion picture represents the artist at work on a bust of the Queen. The representation loses nothing of the firmness of outline which is sometimes sacrificed in enlarging from a negative, and the shades of tint appear to be as delicately handled as in the original photogravure."
Stocker, Mark. Royalist and Realist: The Life and Work of Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm. New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1988. Mentioned p. 67, reproduced plate 5.


J. E. Boehm, Sir Francis Drake, statuette, 1884–85, model for statues for Fitzford, Tavistock, and The Hoe, Plymouth
J. E. Boehm, Thomas Huxley, plaster bust, 1881. Victoria and Albert Museum (on loan to Imperial College).
J. E. Boehm, Monsieur B. Bertrand, fencing-master of the late Prince Imperial Louis Napoleon, 1882, terra cotta
Robert Glassby (1839–1892), J. Edgar Boehm, by 1872


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Photoengraving on copper

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21.84 cm x 16.51 cm
8.6 inch x 6.5 inch

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14.5 inch x 10.4 inch


(Printed on the mount beneath the image) J P Mayall Photo | London published by Sampson Low Marston Searle & Rivington 188 Fleet St. | Park Lane Studio London | J. E. BOEHM, R.A.


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A different photograph was also copyrighted on September 14, 1883: Copyright owner of photograph: Joe Parkin Mayall, 548 Oxford Street, London. Copyright author of photograph: Frank Dudman, 27 Bloemfontein, Shepherds Bush, London.. Description: "Photograph of Mr J E Boehm R A, & interior of his studio at The Avenue, 76 Fulham Rd. London. Working on bust of Lord Wolseley" (Public Records, National Archives, Kew, COPY 1/365/257 ).





Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London Publisher, J. E. BOEHM, R.A.

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